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    Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2016

    2016-04-08 14:04:00
    We will attend Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2016 Guangzhou

    On this show, our exhibitors were: swimming pool tiles, pool edge tiles, mosaics, and other products, welcomed the new and old customers come to visit the booth and ask and guidance!

    Division I is mainly responsible for the export of ceramic tiles, products customized; Our own factories, factory output stability, the factory covers an area of 230,000 square meters, is honest, trustworthy partner!

    1, swimming pool tiles, swimming pool edge tiles : Our main international standard swimming pool is private swimming pool tiles, ceramic tiles of high quality, standard brick regular size is 240 * 115, other size 240 * 60/200 * 100/100 * 100/ 115 * 115mm.

    2, mosaic: Our production of ceramic mosaic, crystal glass mosaic, hot-melt mosaics and other mosaics products. The main production of high-quality superior products, our place mosaic main application are: swimming pool, pond, pool, living room TV backdrop, bedroom, kitchen, store decorations like floor or wall decoration. Our main production mosaic Regular size: 10 * 10/15 * 15/23 * 23/25 * 25/48 * 48/60 * 60/73 * 73/100 * 100, etc., and other circular, hexagonal and irregular-sized mosaics.

    Date: May 13, 2016 - May 15

    Booth: H323

    Exhibitors key personnel: sales manager, sales team and professional and technical personnel